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    We are marked by individual approach to our customers, wherefore, each of the project is unique for us! Accordingly, the lead time and assessment are related to a personal arrangements.

How we work



        An impossible things for us do not exist, on this account we set us ambitious objectives, we are flexible and open to new challenges and unstandardized projects. 


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Logistic support


- streamlining the warehouse   process

- modifying and organising the   order, deliver and complaint   process

- checking the stock level and     timeliness of deliveries 

- making the shipping simulations   and palletisation standards

- creating the stock level  and     shipment databeses  

- assisting in carrying

- preparing transport documents   and productsheets

- entering data to logistic   information  systems  



- simultaneous

- written

- preparing the documents

Remote administrative services


- creating the databases

assisting in company organising

- helping with organising office work   and  process creation

- assisting in conference organising,     business trips and preparing marketing   marchendise

- searching the informations about   trading partners and cooperators

- preparing:

      ⇒ documents

      ⇒ contracts   

     ⇒ factsheets

      ⇒ calculations

      ⇒ analysis

      ⇒ raports

      ⇒ graphics

      ⇒ descriptions, leaflets, brochures

- text editing




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What stand us out

   If you are looking for a professionally operating company supporting the functioning of your business on many levels - you've come to the right place!


      We are rich in experience and, above all, knowledge supported by appropriate education. Our team consists of experts in the field of economics, logistics and management. We provide services related to broadly understood business support, including:


  • supply chain management
  • process management and improvement
  • translations
  • optimization and provision of remote administrative services





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DDF Business Support

+48 517 191 879

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How we work






+48 517 191 879